Cake - Comfort Eagle

Weezer released an absolutely classic album this year which while only just over thirty minutes long demonstrated once again that quality over rules quantity every single time. Cake who had a hit in 1996 with "The Race" match Weezer by releasing "Comfort Eagle" and at just under forty minutes it doesn't feature any fillers or self indulgent soul searching. This was such a delight to listen to. It has such a lightness of touch with flourished of easy listening comparable to Burt Bacharach. The songs are humorous, without sounding smug, with intelligent arrangements which are full of imagination and enchantment.

"Meanwhile, Rick James" is funky yet laid back. It is reminiscent of Beck and Eels but no where near as self conscious. If you can imagine a commercial but offbeat melody you'll appreciate the lyric "toothless junkies are full of desire" with relish. We get a history lesson of a classical musician on "Commissioning A Symphony Inc." all in the space of a three minute pop song. The music is lo-fi but the subject is high brow so while the lyrics educate the melody entertains. "Long Line Of Cars" has a lovely brass section which reminds me of Herb Alpert. The vocal range may be limited and a little monotone but has attitude and a sparkling wit full or irony and sarcasm. "Love You Madly" has a 70s nostalgia appeal and could be this years male anthem for tempestuous lover the world over. The theme not dissimilar to Olivia Newton Johns "Physical" is about seizing the moment right now in a moment of unbridled passion. Phew!!! "World Of Two" is sultry and slow. The tune is about when somebody is feeling isolated when in the company of a couple of lovers by staying in their own little world, a "world of two".

The genius of the way they arrange their music using so many different influences, taking so many chances yet pulling it off in such a confident and successful manner. You'll be dazzled into submission of what an excellent album "Comfort Eagle" really is.

Nicholas Paul Godkin