Carina Round - The Disconnection

This has one of the scariest album covers I have come across in a long time. Miss Round's profile is alarmingly close up, caked in gothic make up with an expression of sheer terror, like a ghoulish apparition from a Hammer Horror Film from the 70s. Her first album was "The First Blood Mystery" released in 2001 and Carina's diverse and eclectic influences include Bukowski and Tom Waites plus the weird and wonderful Bjork.

"Shoot" sets the standard the rest of the album lives up to in equal measures. Possessing a voice as expressive, emotive and rich in versatile as PJ Harvey, Carina has assembled an impressive collection of musicians which mould her songs and arrangements perfectly evoking just the right mood and atmosphere. Taking in jazz, blues and rock this sparse instrumentation which is very much percussion led with a vocal melody that carries it though. "Paris" is a love letter to the city of romance with Carina letting her guard down for once as she indulges us on this folky composition. This has a slightly more American feel to it with a punchy horn section adding to the sound. Another bluesy song is "Metal 74" which illustrates the full range of Carina's considerable vocal abilities. "Sit Tight" sounds uncannily like Fiona Apple and the lyric "escaping through your eyes" is poetic deep and truthful. As the guitars become more intense and edgier you begin to expect the unexpected and the unpredictable nature of her album keeps you alert and on your toes.

"The Disconnection" certainly connected with me and as a first experience of her material I was suitably impressed. Carina Round is a name to look out for in the future.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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