Cherish - Unappreciated

The four sexy sisters collectively known as Cherish first hit the scene in 2003 when they were discovered by top producer Jermaine Dupree. These girls from Atlanta, Georgia write all of their own songs and "Unappreciated" is their debut album. Sexy and classy on the cover, but don't be fooled these women are all strong willed, intelligent, confident and extremely talented

"Chevy" has additional writing credits by J Cameron and A Shropshire which may go some way to explaining the rather sexist car analogy. Example cliché R&B lyric "hit the gas slow, crunk up my ignition". The King siblings have an R&B vibe in the vein of Destiny's Child and Rhianna. The chorus hooks you in but comparing yourself to a car, be a chevy isn't very inspiring to their
young and impressionable fan base so I hope the sentiments are intended as being tongue in cheek. Its a tad repetitive but a good if slightly throwaway poppy dance track.

"Taken" has the ladies harmonizing sweetly and seductively. Beginning with acoustic guitar then launching head first in an upbeat crunk display of dance groove par excellence, this has the spirited nothing held back vocal dynamics of one Beyonce Knowles, a marvellous arrangement and the technically perfect production skills of Don Vits. The lyrics are savier then their contemporaries and consist of snaring their men at all costs, even it they happen to be taken. Like the Pussycat Dolls monogamy is a word not associated with the honey's from Cherish.

"Chick Like Me" features Rasheeda who raps like a female Snoop Dogg, just oozing with Southern Charm. The hip hop beats and overall sound can be favourably compared to Dr Dre. It's very typical of American R'n'B, not that original but Rasheeda injects some street cred to the Cherish album which is hard to resist.

"Feel 4 You" is a string laden ballad with trickles of piano and reminds us a lot of Alicia Keys. Perhaps a little to syrupy for me personally but the subjects of infidelity and the importance of empowerment in women is handled superbly and the song has an old fashioned, sweeping style all of it's own. The singing voice is great and shows good range in the vocals.

"Unappreciated" may offer nothing new to the r'n'b genre but Cherish are certainly a band to look out for. While the songs are mostly about men and love, we can all relate to their trials and tribulations, regardless of gender its certainly an enjoyable listen.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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