Cinerama - Disco Volante

In my own humble and honest opinion I always thought The Wedding Present were an overlooked and underrated band. For an indie band they not only had hits in that specific chart, but also had many singles in the Top 40 and appeared on occasion on Top Of The Pops. Their album were classics, remember how good "George Best" was and what a splendid release "The Ukrainian Sessions" were. Live, nobody could touch them. They sold out Universities, appeared at festivals and had a loyal and dedicated following wherever they played.

David Gedge has taken a break from The Wedding Present, but has made a welcome return to music with his new band Cinerama. Their 2nd album "Disco Volante" continues with their more sensitive direction which was evident on their debut release.

"146 Degrees" has wonderful surf guitar, features David crooning on this charming ballad and the sweet backing vocals of girlfriend Sally Murrell. "Lollobrigida" is a song about the complexity of sexual intimacy, perhaps David's most personal song to date. To reveal your feelings in such an intimate, caring manner with honesty and feeling is a sign of a gifted and prolific songwriter. "Your Charms", the recent single was famously written after John Peel requested that David compose a song with those very words in the title. A duet with David Gedge and Sally Murrel on "Because I'm Beautiful" is jaunty and also a stand out track.

On "Disco Volante", Cinerama show signs of maturity, subtlety and emotion lyrically and musically. They may not have the fast, loud, guitars of their previous band but the beauty, romantic imagery and quality the band posses is an absolute joy to listen to.

Nicholas Paul Godkin