City Of God - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I come to review this soundtrack with an advantage as I've already seen the movie and hence can see the relevance of the musical selections. The film "City Of God" is set in Brazil in the 60s and 70s, while composer Antonio Pinto has previously worked on the features Control Station and Behind the Sun - emotional epics where the use of strings was essential. For the raw intense City Of God a new approach was needed. With his musical partner Ed Cortes, Antonio Pinto uses Black American music, funk, samba and Brazilian funk-samba which makes for an innovative and exciting ride.

"Funk da Virada" is a funky, lively instrumental. Full of energy and vibrancy with astounding use of percussion and at it's brief running time of 1m36s it's hardly going to outstay it's welcome. Raul Seiscas wrote and performed the laid back easy listening ballad "Metamorfose Ambulante". Raul is a natural crooner, yet his voice is also passionate tinged with traces of melancholy. Slightly reminiscent at the beginning of Joe Cocker's version of The Beatles "A Little Help From My Friends". The sounds of Brazil are represented excellently by "No caminbo do dem" which if you like smooth blues fuelled funk guitar with a classic groovy vibe you'll love this. Dance music aficionado's will relish the "Batucada" remix by DJ Camilo Rocha and DJ YAH with snatched of dialogue interspersed with a relentless repetitive drum machine and thumping bass line. This could be an unlikely hit on the dance floor at Salsa clubs in the provinces

To the casual music fan the prospect of parting their hard earned cash for a soundtrack to a subtitled Brazilian film may be a little bit disconcerting, but believe me this is a wonderful introduction to the under-rated delights of Brazilian music and it really evokes the spirit of the 60s and 70s.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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