Claire Sproule - Claire Sproule

A commanding style that combines the comforting crispness and wisdom of Beth Nielsen Chapman, Carole King and Aimee Mann is delivered in a nutshell by a 21 year old Derry born enchantress. Claire Sproule should not really have discovered the depth that she sings of for at least another ten years. Poetical insight is doled out with steadfast poignancy in the ode to a heavenly character ‘Angel’;

 “When I am weak you show me how to cope,
   when I’m down you’re my little ray of hope.
   And when I float up in the air you bring me down to ground,
   And when I’m lonely in despair you’re always around.”

The above lyrics are sung with such belief and unashamed pride that you can’t help sitting back and relaxing to the caressing musical accompaniment and thinking; what would it feel like to be the subject matter of this song?  The Tom Waites’ spirit comes out in the following number; ‘Strange World’, whereby, the state of the world is justified to a bubbly pop style backdrop. A quintet of musicians that incorporates the resounding keyboards of Dave Hartley, do a great job of providing a colourful background to Claire’s warming and serene presence.

Brisk defiance and a grab life ethos is espoused with King Canute-like defiance, as Claire’s vocals take on a more energetic nature in; ‘Doin It My Way’ that will have people following her captivating views with renewed vigour. Once in a while, a debut album reaches out of this saturated sea of music and pulls you immediately into its comforting bed. Claire Sproule has done this with such ease and integrity that it is almost frightening.

David Adair

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