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If you were to believe what you read in the Manchester Music Press you'd think that Manchester's borders ended at the trendy district of Chorlton and that any further out of the city centre was devoid of Culture. Take your mind back just a few years and you'll find that Joy Division used to play gigs in Altrincham, Doves came from Timperley or that members of the Smiths and Oasis have all lived in South Manchester at one point

Designer Magazine and Bar Amp plan to add to that rich cultural history with the launch of Club Designer Magazine each Thursday Night where we'll be providing Free Gigs from the best of Manchester's Unsigned scene. In the first 6 months of Bar Amp opening the likes of Proud Mary have played rammed gigs there and up and coming bands such as The Words and Red Sea have gone on to play high profile support slots at venues such as Academy 2.

Get to Bar Amp each Thursday for 8pm....or before 8pm if you want to take advantage of some great drinks offers (and trust us this is quality bottled beer - not the dodgy stuff you get in other venues) and then stay to the early hours as after the bands DJs play the finest in alternative music till 2am.

So free music, cheap beer - what you waiting for - check the listings below!!!

Amp is owned by three close friends. Sick and tired at the lack of local live entertainment venues south of the city the three undertook a mad conquest to rectify the problem. Amp is a large (400+ capacity) dual purpose café & bar located on School Road, in Sale, South Manchester. Amp combines a progressive day-time food menu and the best live entertainment venue in South Manchester. The design is modern and minimalist whilst providing a comfortable and chilled environment. Catch an event on one of the many flat screen TVs or experience the home-grown bands and DJs while shaking it into the small hours.

For bang up to date listings / new band additions / full audio links check Bar Amp's Myspace...and let them know which bands you'd like to play at future Club Designer Magazine gigs (Note: for Designer Magazine's City Centre gigs please contact us on the Myspace above)

(Pic: Little Engine  - appearing at Club Designer Magazine on 9th August)


2 Aug - Carjack Malone / K A Smiley / The other side of Sound / Ambershift
K A Smiley - Exclusive D Percussion warm up show from the underdogs of the Manchester music scene who have managed to bag a mainstage slot ahead of signed bands such as The Tings Tings, Polytechnic, Fear Of Music and Jim Noir. K ASmileys unique blend of soul and alternative rock music brings to mind long forgotten indie soul pioneers Mo Solid Gold but in true Manchester stylethey put their own slant on it

9 Aug - Without A Reason / Waxplanet / Little Engine / Drive Like I Do

Little Engine - Sounding unlike any other contemporary band at the moment they hint at classic 50s rock'n'roll filtered through Detroit punk-blues, the band are as they sing in "Baby Boy" - young gifted and black - but not in a tokenistic Bloc Party-esque way.

Following a storming show at this years SXSW festival, Manchester band Waxplanet have been relatively quiet working on new material. This show atBar Amp marks the bands last show before they head to Danny cNamara's
Aftershow Launch Party next month - see them in intimate venues like this while you can!!

16 Aug - Rossco / The Way / Ten Second Rule / High Rising

23 Aug - Long Nines / Dead Apprentice / With Hindsight / Glyn Bailey

30 Aug - The Northern Casuals / My Captive Audience / Billy Ruffian / Lucid

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1 Feb 2007 Bye Bye Johnny / The Sleeves / The Sidelines / Paul The Girl

"South Manchester's answer to the Kooks with recent capacity filled gigs at Night & Day" - The Sidelines

8 Feb 2007 The Drainpipes / The Generalissimos' / The Dirty Fivers

Finalists in the BBC's Next Big Thing Showcase...Pete Doherty has nothing on this anarchic punk band - The Drainpipes

15 Feb 2007 Astroband / Years / The Volga Boatmen

"The subtle reggae inflects of The Police mixed with the melodies of Paul McCartney"

22 Feb 2007 13amp / Ugly Radio / Rough Neck Riot

"If PJ Harvey tried to write pop hits she'd sound like Ugly Radio"

1 Mar 2007 Pretty Victim / Dirty Lips / The Vortex

"Imagine the Killers dueting with Blondie - pure synth pleasure"

8 Mar 2007 Blackrosefalls / Widgykeff / The Last Chancers

Expect great things from this young band. Support slots with Kids In Glass Houses have already established them and their debut album is set for release in 2007

15 Mar 2007 The Cartelles / Calansho / The Words / Harrington

"One of the leading lights of the South Wales indie scene" BBC

22 Mar 2007 Chorizo and the Frantic Driver / Hard Luck Child / Bleeding Hands

" Manchester Blues revival, with a raw, primevil sound and growling vocals" Guardian

29 Mar 2007 Monomania / Say Jansfield / Edward James Bass

"The vocal delivery of Placebo mixed with the music of I Am Kloot being played by Mansun" Subba Cultcha

1 Mar 2007 - 'Pretty Victim' + ' Dirty Lips' + 'The Vortex'

"The electro rock of Pretty Victim meets the Madchester swagger of The Vortex....cheerful yet melancholic stories of Love, Anger, Bitterness, Drunkenness and Devotion are what makes up Sheffields Dirty Lips who produced their recent demos with Arctic Monkeys producer Alan Smyth"

8 Mar 2007 - 'Blackrosefalls' + 'Widgykeff'+'The last chancers'

"BlackRoseFalls were recently seen supporting hotly tipped Welsh Rock Band Kids In Glass Houses in Manchester. The band return for a Designer Magazine gig to preview tracks from their debut album  "The Art Of Losing Faith"

15 Mar 2007 - 'The Cartelles' + 'Calansho' + 'The Words' + 'Harrington'

"Harrington talk of messy nights in Wetherspoons and deliver council pop anthems....with local support from The Words and far flung Welsh indie rockers The Cartelles"

22 Mar 2007 - "Chorizo and the Frantic Driver" + "Hard Luck Child"+"Bleeding hands"

"Hard Luck Child play the blues, gloriously woozy swampy angry Archie Bronson Outfit meets Soledad Brothers blues, hard onthe drums and even harder on the blisteringly loud guitar"

29 Mar 2007 - Monomania + Say Jansfield+Edward James Bass+Nice Peter UK

Monomania's debut single was released on the Ugly Man record label that launched Elbow and I Am Kloot nonetheless. It went on to be 'single of the week' on the John Kennedy XFM radio show in London.

The legendary John Peel was also a fan and aired Monomania's early demos on Radio One. Members of Monomania have already toured with The Chameleons, The Fall, David Devant & His Spirit Wife and  supported Elbow, Oceansize, Silversun, Campag Velocet, Feeder, 65 Days Of Static, Lyca Sleep & Gliss. Frontman Glaz was also the bassist in Peel faves the Thrush Puppies. Barry previously played drums with Manc faves the Damien Shrub.

Thursday 5th April - The Boy Majors / En Condorez / El Policia / Commune

The Boy Majors are a five piece band hailing from manchester, formed in late 2006. Drawing influence from a wide range of music from indie to punk, The Boy Majors deliver a refreshing blend of catchy riffs and sing-along
choruses. Despite only being together for a few months and being unsigned, The BoyMajors have already played a live session on Xfm manchester and are currently booking gigs across the UK.

El Condorez - "Something rather good is happening in Manchester right now. Whilst the central London collectives are still praying at the altar of retro garage rock, the North it seems, still remains one of the last bastions of gritty, alternative rock. Shying away from the sounds of post Britpop indie, El Condorez take a big hand and rip out a handful of thundering, rattling chords and splintered riffs. Rock And Roll Syndrome is a latter day Day Tripper designed for modern rockers who like to smoke, get drunk and have the odd fight after hours."

El Policia started played and started a fire. Think Motown Junk era Manics, early Nirvana, McLusky and the bile of Engerica. Manchester most nihilistic punk band

Commune formed from a "loved up" affair in 2000. Constant has been the passion, but endless has been the turmoil ever since. The product - a critical, yet driven portrayal of rock, funk and indie wedded to lyrics of strong harmony, deep meaning and aroused incitement...just to brighten your day.

Thursday 12th April - The Red Sea / The Sick Minds / Menacinf Skunks

Info coming soon....

Thursday 19th April - Reverend Coyote / The Volga Boatmen / Diesel Butterfly

"This is better than girls aloud, i love it. Me and my bird just listened to house of cards and the rest and we laughed like a set of giddy sheep stealers high in the buzz of rustling a wool mammoth bastard from northumbland town. We laughed because it is super accomplished music and sounds like johnny depp on crack slapping the poop out of that mexican film making cock sucker robert rodriguez. Genius. I am excitable. It took me three times to learn how to spell coyote. Like it, i'm liking it, liking the name" A Random Manc

Thursday 26th April - Them Next Door / Sketchline / Smooth

With fearless vocals and hard edge guitars over ruthless drums, The Smooth's are ressurecting true Rock an Roll once again! The guys are a 3-piece rock band from Huddersfield West Yorkshire, all aged 20 years. Having met at music college the band started playing local gigs and swiftly moved on to playing more prestigious venues all around the UK such as Cafe de Paris (London), JB's (Birmingham), The Cavern club (Liverpool) ,Joseph's Well
(Leeds) and more recently the Galpharm stadium supporting Bryan Adams! This year the lads continue to Rock venues all over the country so keep your eyes open for gigs near you! The Smooth's music is a blend of all types of rock from heavy to funky to pop rock and anything in between. The guys play with a lot of energy and are not to be missed live!!

3 May 2007 Token Jesture / Glyn Bailey / Laeka / Stormy corner

" Quirky psychedelic guitar pop ala The Doors and The Coral from Benchill's Token Jesture"

10 May 2007 Dead Wasps / Standard Fare / Exit State / The Gnome Genome

"Dead Wasp deliver spiky electro pop reminiscent of Goldfrapp...expect Madonna to nick their sound for her next album"

17 May 2007  The Whirlybirds / Velvetones / Amber Club / Sly Dig

"The Whirlybirds deliver Madchester vibes from the same streets the Stone Roses formed"

24 May 2007 - Daybreaks / The Great Fury with special guests TBA

"Progressive dark rock music that takes in the pop elements of Brit-rock bands Muse and Editors"

31 May 2007 - The Velvetones + Korona + The Dirty Waltz

"The Dirty Waltz describe themselves as "A sexy shit-hot ball of rock 'n' roll hurling towards your bollocks" - we tend to agree!!!"

7 Jun - Girl Afraid / Off The Radar / And this is my escape / Carpet

"Girl Afraid are the meeting point between the Smiths and the female-fronted emo of Paramore"

14 Jun - The Underclass / The Whirlybirds / Real!ies / Rosa Park

Like The Vortex and The Reason, The Underclass take it back to the Madchester sound and following sell out shows at Academy 3 the band bring it back home to the streets where the Roses formed.

21 Jun - Suffocate Kate / The Score / Metromax / Highwired

Six piece girl band Suffocate Kate manage to take in everything from ACDC to Pink and shrinkrap it in a pop sheen. Big personalities, big tunes and a stage presence that could fill the MEN arena

28 Jun -  Sandbox / The Otters / The Shills / Automatic Heart

Intense and dramatic no wave punk rock from Welwyn Garden City, featuring Mark Astronaut of semi legendary anarcho punk outfit The Astronauts. People love Otters- they're cute, cuddly and friendly, but The Otters are the antithesis of our cute furry friend. The Otters live gigs are unmissable; a fusion of chaos, violence, dancing, sing-a-long songs, noise, fluffy hair, furious drumming, thumping basslines, shredding guitar riffs, singing, screaming, and raw power. Juxtaposing dark tales of modern day suburbia with real, honest music that refuses to be pigeonholed,

The Otters continue to leap from strength to strength, supporting the likes of up and comers such as The Holloways, The Chalets, Stuffy & The Fuses, as well as earlier bands such as P.A.I.N and Clayson & The Argonauts. Dubbed as the 'anti Orson' and 'everything that's right about music', The Otters don't exist to be cool, to get laid, to get drunk, to be famous or to conform to order; The Otters exist to challenge all that. Join in or f*ck off

12 Jul 2007 - February Remaining / When snow falls / The Change of State / The Consolations

February Remains American influenced indie rock takes everything in from The Beach Boys to Fugazi via Pink Floyd - strange but true

19 Jul 2007 - The Deodates / Tie for Jack / The Nuns / Gone Wrong Robot

Taut, Spikey and Muscular. A really exciting sound from a lean, stripped  down outfit" MARK RADCLIFFE Radio 2 DJ and Music T.V Presenter.

"Just like the first time you heard the White Stripes, its hard to believe that the tight, yet tattered splendour of their tunes could come from a simple pair of musicians. Both epic and punky, The Deodates are a very exciting proposition" CHRIS LONG BBC Manchester Music, The Great Unheard

'...enjoyably difficult to pin down, bluesy post-punk pop with a hint of gritty Northern Soul and an enduringly optimistic spirit to the whole thing. Every track's well-loaded with hooks and the performance is stuffed full of authentic passion. They've already got an In The City slot lined up and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them.' CATH AUBERGINE

26 Jul 2007 - Ste McCabe / Belief System / The Words / Sterling / Angels Exist
Hello people. My name is Ste McCabe and I write sarcastic punk songs with a guitar and an old drum machine. I write about being the cynical outsider,the queer and the pauper who never earns more than the minimum wage (that's when he can be bothered working). My aim is to bully the bullies with my cheap and very nasty songs. I am inspired more by gay rights and feminism than any genre of music, although riot grrrl and 80's pop influences certainly raise their beautiful heads if you listen closely (or not so closely!) enough. I love to play gigs for queer collectives/lefty events/grrrl events/insane festivals/anything not designed to pull in punters looking for "the next big thing" (ugh) ...let me know if this is you, you wonderful people you