(Pic: The Whip)
The Waldorf Manchester - 7.4.06

You wont find the monthly ClubSaveYourself event heavily advertised, and when you enter the first floor above the Waldorf pub, it becomes clear why; every nook and cranny of the split room area is packed out, mainly on reputation and word of mouth.   It's not because passers by are sheltering from the thunderstorm outside, more because the heady combination of 3 bands, excellent DJ's are reasonable bar prices form an intoxication combination.

When the Cardinals move across the dimly lit venue, through crowd to grab themselves a floor space that can only be loosely termed a "stage area" in, the enthusiastic crowd are ready for some aural pleasure. BUT just  as the opening chords of the opening number emanate from the speakers that try to separate the crowd from the band, the bass line disappears.  Is it a guitar?  Is it an amp at fault?  Who knows, but the good natured crowd provide a spontaneous rendition of "Where the bass? Where's the bass?  Where's the bass?"  Eventually technical hitches are resolved and their set begins proper, with their lush, chiming guitars soothes the baying crowd.  Extensive gigging has honed their sound to something at times delicate, with the occasional touch of bombast.  Not as intense or layered as Pureessence, but enjoyable non the less

(Pic: The Cardinals)

With monikers such as The Reverend Mustapha Clemence & Tony Sausage the Derby originated band, Passions & Apologies, clearly have a mischievous sense of humour, one that is enjoyed by the crowd that somehow manages to find the space to mosh at the front.

With possibly seven members in the band, the line between audience and crowd definitely blurs, and the bedroom party atmosphere continues unabated

When vocalist Stuart Metcalf (aka the Reverend) commence a seemingly silly, but somehow appropriate round of "Whey, hey hey hey" over the jangly indie sound, the inevitable crowd participation takes place

Last band to walk through the crowd are the Whip, who will seemingly be forever tagged with "Aren't they the splinters of (another much loved Manc band) Nylon Pylon?"  That band promised much, but seemed to have a magnetic like attraction for obstacles and setbacks.   Needless to say, that with such a musical attachment, they are not about to discard their background and start delivering a 3 minute song, punk-thrash style.  Their output is still an attractive mix of driving beats, guitars and electronics that's appreciated by those present.  The NP links are strengthened when they play two NP tracks in their set.  It's a less abrasive version of the NP output that veers towards the ground where New Order should have progressed to.  Maybe this time around, they will get the recognition they deserve

When the bands have finished, they each carry out their own equipment though the crowd, no airs nor pretensions.

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