The Cooper Temple Clause - Stanley Theatre, Liverpool University

Once a year, there tends to be a band that emerges out of the blocks, running full tilt towards the dizzy accolade of 'My Favourite New Band for This Year'.  Normally, this is a band I've liked for some time, a band who inspire musical creations well beyond the wildest dreams of mortal men. Past winners have been no-name indie-superheroes like I Am Kloot or Medal, (and even Embrace for a time back then, until I realized they were a bit poo).  It has never before been a rock band, because no new rock band has ever been as complete as The Cooper Temple Clause are tonight.

It starts, like all good bands, with how they look.  Take The Strokes, add actual sex appeal and musical integrity.  Times by fifty.  Add the best rockstar poses since the skinny Manic Street Preachers first star-jumped across the Bull & Gate in their school shirts.  You're getting there.

Second are the tunes.  Combining rock with electronic beats is becoming a cliché (cross-reference here Vex Red, all of Nu-Metal and, er, early Mansun) but TCTC show tonight that there is a way to do it that comes across as blindingly innovative rather than wilfully sycophantic.  Just as your getting used to one scorchingly hot measure, another one takes its place, twisting songs so there's never even time to think, let alone become bored. 'Panzer Attack' starts as full-on hard house floor filler, until the Stone Roses bass-line reigns it under control, only for the chaos to start again with the introduction of killer guitars.  When singer Ben starts screaming the chorus line, the band suddenly break free of the Primal Scream's younger brother mould that they occasionally fall into, and become the fully-fledged Kings of the future that they have hinted at since early single 'The Devil Walks In The Sands'.  With 'Lets Kill Music', unveiled towards the end of the set, TCTC suddenly find themselves with many more disciples than when they started the show.  They have done their jobs well.

I used to get frightened that one day there wouldn't be a new band that I could love.  TCTC have made me forget this fear. The only thing that frightens me now is the fact that they are just going to get better and better.

Collen Chandler

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