Cracker - Greatest Hits Redux

Having previously countrified their indie hits with help from Leftover Salmon, Cracker now see fit to unleash their own collection delivered through angst at their previous label Virgin, who sought to profit from the band they deserted by releasing a compilation of their material a few years back. Again, this band/label cockfighting leaves the consumer in limbo, as this compilation doesn’t offer much from Cracker, yeah the cockily brazen hits of ‘Mr Wrong’ and ‘Get Off This’ still possess the same bite, but most people will already own them on record, several times over.

You cannot help but get the feeling that Cracker’s anger and bemusement would be better off channelled into a flighty rock out of new tension release, featuring their lyrical bite, rather than trying to remind us of it, yet again. It is going to be difficult for the music public to keep Cracker out of the “They were good in their day category”, unless the spirit and lyrical flamboyancy that grabbed the attention in offerings like ‘Euro-Trash Girl’ is rekindled. Let’s put the past behind us, eh guys?

David Adair

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