Creed – Human Clay

Every action has an opposite reaction - Creed is that reaction. Creed are a band that have looked around at the current rock scene and gone “Blink 182, no thanks!!! Limp Bizkit, fuck off!!!! At The Drive In, it’s a bit too loud isn’t it? – Shall we get those Led Zep albums out” Its sad really that guys so young are so out of touch with the present and feel the need to rehash the past over and over again.

“Wide Arms Wide Open”, the former US Number 1, is just such a glorious song it’s hard to imagine anybody disliking it. It reminds me of the first time I heard the Verve’s “History” and the bonus strings version signals a return to days of orchestral rock. The second half of the CD follows this formula religiously and its clear that the band are nothing more than one trick ponies. I’d pay anyone £100 on the spot that could spot the difference (lyrics excepted) between “Faceless Man”, “Wash Away Those Years” or “Inside Us All”.

Even when the band rock out the same problems remain. Its clear that the song-writing team of Tremonti and Stapp are nothing more than rocks equivalent of Stock, Aitken and Waterman – at least we had the choice between Kylie and Jason instead of the monotone vocals of Scott Stapp. Like S.A.W. before them “when they’re good they were very, very good and when they were bad they were just average” – it isn’t even challenging enough to inspire hatred. All I’m left with is sympathy for them.

This album will sell regardless of its musical merit, but those people who do by are likely to be the types jerking off to “A Touch of Frost”. If they just faded away quickly all would be forgiven and we could just remember them for one classic single, sadly I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from these bunch of monotonous fuckwits.

Alex McCann