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"Lovin it, lovin it, lovin it" was the sound of the summer, the sound of Ayia Napa and the fun poptastic side of UK Garage. They could be called the flipside to the So Solid Crew coin if you like or maybe you just think they make really annoying novelty pop records. We caught up with the guys on the Smash Hits Tour to find out where all the lovin is going on.

Q: Its been a phenomenal year for UK Garage. How's it felt for you guys coming from the underground?
A: Its an accomplishment, innit!!! At least the music's getting a bit of recognition now because people have been doing this sort of music for a long, long time when they didn't allow it on radio and now its getting through and its number 1s, 2s etc.

Mainstream radio is playlisting garage and black music now and once the kids got into they couldn't stop it. They've given us a chance and its doing us proud. As long as people are getting into the freshest new vibes on the streets then garage will last because that's where garage is from...the Streets!!!

Q: Do you things are in danger of getting over shadowed by all the bad publicity around the So Solid Crew?
A: Its been going on in all types of music for years. Its just that now Garage is in such a highlight and a bright light that its come more to the public eye. There's been worse things happening in other raves but they just haven't been publicized as much down to the fact that the music hasn't been as popular as it is now.

They will always target what they want to target and violence always seems to sell. Its headlines and people should report about all the Number 1's and some of the good things that are going on. Its always the negative, negative, negative that people get to see and there's raves every day of the week and there's never any trouble and people never get to hear about that.

If So Solid want to express where they're from and what they're feeling then...what we express is totally different...we express the finer things because were all from the same place. Its not that we couldn't be like that but we choose not to be like that...were here to spread love and that's it!!! But we've met the crew and they're good guys and they're just getting some bad press at the moment.

Q: What have you guys got coming up in 2002?
A: All were going to is keep having fun and making good music...that's all we care about. We've got the album out so you've gotta check that out. The new singles out soon "We R Here".

"We R Here" out now on Ministry Of Sound

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