Do Me Bad Things – Academy 2 – 28.9.04

Are we at the right gig? Probably not. It's a Datsuns gig for f**ks sake and if there's one thing the world doesn't need right now it's a Datsuns gig. They can take their Harmonic Generator and stick it where the sun don't shine. The Do Me Bad Things on the other hand are the sort of band you could only dream of. In fact for the first 3 minutes we're convinced those haluciengenics are kicking in. But alas after the first songs an empty Academy 2 is bursting at the seams as the music floats around the building attracting the attention of those people not the slightest bit interested in the fact that caveman Rooney is playing his first gig for United.

After a fitting introduction from the band and gospel soul of Chantal Dellusional, the entrance of Nicolai Prowse really brings things to life with “Time For Deliverance”. Dressed head to toe in green he looks like Count Dracula attempting The Riddler in a fancy dress faux par. When he moves, it doesn't matter that the music sounds like Led Zeppelin crossed with Aretha Franklin, in his mind it's 3am at the Wigan Casino, he's off his head on amphetamines and short of doing the splits he's dropping moves like his life depends on it. In comparison The Woods (DMBT’s other frontman) looks drab and while vocally he's a modern day Joe Cocker you can't help but wait for the return of Nicolai.

Like Must Destroy labelmates The Darkness before them, the Do Me Bad Things striking image is inseparable from the music. Cheap glamour meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show and yet musically these are life affirming songs. It can only be a matter of time before these guys are doing a full on West End musical extravaganza.

Word & Pictures: Alex McCann

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