Do Me Bad Things / Tokyo Dragons / Feable Weiner - 53 Degrees Preston - 15.4.05

Feable Weiner are ecstatic to be playing here tonight. Before the giddy types have even played a note they're whooping and hollering thus making sure that everyone knows Feable Weiner have arrived. Once they've settled down and brought even the meekest audience members near the front, it's a non stop fun fest of melodic, punky pop with three part harmonies, an acknowledgement to Weezer at their most extreme with hook laden choruses that are very much in the Honeycrack mould. A girl in the front row is mock knighted by guitarist Josh while the accident prone bass player Andrew manages to knock his beer over and break the strap off his instrument. And the ladies love Jeff whose matinee idol looks are a cross between Ashton Kutcher and Josh Hartnett. New single "Sally Be" is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Their short, sharp set is over in no time, but you'll have to search high and low to find a more entertaining band than Feable Weiner

(Pic: Feable Weiner)

Tokyo Dragons look and sound like any typical heavy rock band from the 1970s, all greasy long hair and denim. Oh yeah, the denim. One of them even sports a cap with the word "Quo" proudly displayed like a badge of honour. Kind of like the Darkness without the irony or exhibitionism, Toyko Dragons still manage to knock out riff after riff. Unlike the previous band however TD have faces that only their mothers could love. These guys play ferociously and the crowd are instantly enthralled at their cock rock and old skool rock posturing. Uncomplicated and unoriginal, but on a Friday night with a few beers down you it's just the tonic.

(Pic: Tokyo Dragons)

One of the most strikingly original bands we saw at the Carling Festival in Leeds last year were tucked away in an early afternoon slot in the new bands tent. They were of course Do Me Bad Things. Since supporting the Darkness on their arena tour last year word of mouth spread like wild fire. Now with the release of their debut album "Yes", this Croydon nine piece are on tour and the timing couldn't be better. The world is ready for the ultimate in live experiences.

It's a small stage in the modest surroundings of 53 Degrees, but all of the band fit snugly on to it without any hesitation and belt out the single "Time For Deliverance". Nicolai Prowse, a diminutive Brian Molko look-a-like who manages about 5 costume changes through the night, and Chantal Brown, a slinky soul singer who moves with grace and sounds like a young Aretha Franklin. The rest of the band look as if they've been watching Clockwork Orange with the pristine white clobber and black eye shadow. It takes a group of brave and ambitious individuals to mix up rock, soul, metal and blues for a normally conservative indie crowd, but it's a feat DMBT's have managed superbly. The energy is addictive, it's a party atmosphere without a trace of cheese.

"What's Hideous", their latest single, keeps the pace of hi-energy disco rock. The Woods, compared to the outlandish appearance of the rest of the band, looks relatively normal but his vocals are extraordinary with a blues fused Joe Cocker and is definitely more Gomez than Scissor Sisters. His performance of "Suburban Flame" is a far cry from the more theatrical tracks, but the stripped down songs is in a class of it's own.

Climaxing with "Flipside", the riot of beats, guitars and a chorus which had I couldn't get out of my head the next day they left Preston with an unforgettable show. With just a few dates on their tour left, I urge you, no I demand you go and see them at a venue near you.

Nicholas Paul Godkin
Photos: Karen McBride

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