Doves - The Last Broadcast

Doves last album "Lost Souls" was to be frank a masterpiece. Even Nu-metal record producer Ross Robinson publicly announced his appreciation for the Manchester band and how much the music moved him. This from a man who worked with ear shattering bands like Slipknot, Amen and Vex Red. Instead of taking the easy option and just making "Lost Souls" part 2, Doves have made a fresh, much more jubilant, optimistic album which takes their sound and vision to a new level.

Recent top 5 single "There Goes The Fear" is a seven minute 60s styled song which is epic in scope and is the sound of The Summer. This is how music should make you feel - alive and prozac happy. Live favourite "N.Y" has traces of the Smiths, which along with New Order are the two bands who have inspired Doves. Even when they strip it down towards the end of the song its a multi layered work of genius. So much noise from just 3 men, brothers Andy and Jez Williams and Jimi Goodwin. Goodwins vocals take on a melancholic feel on "Fridays Dust" which again has an influence from Morrissey's old band and sends shivers down your spine. King Crimson were another inspiration for Doves as the song "M62 Song" was an adaptation of the prog rockers "Moonchild".

There's no justice in the world when the most over rated band in the world, Oasis, receive ridiculous coverage for churning out tired old rip-offs from The Beatles, REM and countless other more talented bands when Doves go by virtually unnoticed when they release an album or head out on tour. Just because Doves don't behave like cliched rock stars doesn't mean they should be ignored. "The Last Broadcast" is an exceptional album from an important band. They shouldn't be supporting Travis on tour, Travis should be supporting Doves for goodness sake. When they tour in May go see them you won't regret it. You'll be amazed, enthralled and transfixed by the special way they make such a simple use of arranging songs to sound so original and life affirming.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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