It's one of those endless debates that goes on up and down the length of the country around the festival period - Download or the Carling Weekend? With Download now expanding into a 3 day event with a loosely tagged "indie" day, the festival is rivalling the longstanding Carling Weekend for that essential festival of the year.

Over a series of galleries, Designer Magazine caught the best of the action from those Michael Jackson raiding Chucky's play box fiendsters that are Wednesday 13 and co, rock gods My Chemical Romance, longstanding icons Garbage and indie heroes JJ72 and Feeder. We also were around snapping you lovely people in the mosh pit and walking around the festival so look out for yourself across the five galleries

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

GALLERY 1 - Cute Indie Boys Of The World Unite and Take Over
Feat: JJ72, Feeder and the mighty My Chemical Romance
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GALLERY 2 - Stick the FHM Sexiest list of the year - here's some real women
Feat: Garbage, Nightwish, Queen Adreena
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GALLERY 3 - The Veterans

Feat: Velvet Revolver and Motorhead
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GALLERY 4 - Rock on Wednesday & Friends
Feat: Wednesay 13, The Mascara Story, Inflames, Unearthed
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GALLERY 5 - It's all about you!!!!
Feat: The people down in the pit - were you snapped?
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Were you at Download 2005? Who were your favourite bands?
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