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Gracing our pages again are top pop band the Dum Dums. Fresh from supporting Robbie Williams on his arena tour we talk about the on going feudes with A1 and King Adora. Also look out for fresh new lyrics courtesy of Ad Lib in a new song called "Genitals Day". Read on for madness and strange goings on in the Dum Dums camp.

Q: Dum Dums going all sensitive with "Army of Two". Surely it can't be true?
Josh: "Army of Two" is about going to war, the things that happenned in Vietnam, Viet com and the troops and the mooks and the jerk Americans who were fighting. Its just about the whole idea of one love or one person for the rest of your life - a vietnamies girl called Yoko and unfortnuately she didn't make it, but we still love her.

Stuart: The thing is that although she didn't make it, we managed to actually keep one of her legs in a jar. The only thing we have left of Yoko and we treasure it. Everytime we look at it we think "Ah!!! Yoko, what a beautiful thing". Were releasing it for Jellantines day. For all the Jellantines out there.

Josh: No, Genitals day....

The New Dum Dums song "Genitals Day" courtesy of Ad Lib
(I.e. Josh's crazy ramblings)

Gentitals day - a public day
Where everyone flashes their genitalia at the children
At the high school, uptown - With your pants down!!!
Dancing around, wiggling it about
When your dick falls out.

Q: Going back to the Robbie tour. How did it all go?
Steve: It was good. I tell you what we played more football than music though. We were playing football everyday - about 2 or 3 matches. He basically worked out after one gig that we were geting up onstage in front of 15,000 people and kicking ass. So he thought "What I will do now. I'll play an hour of football with them before they go on stage so they're knackered. They'll be even more knackered after the gig so he played us straight after the gig. He knew then that A) It would limit are strength during the gig and B) It would give him more of an option to take hold of the game afterwards

Josh: We were a lot better players. Robbie doesn't know that much about football, he makes out he knows a bit but he doesn't actually. He surrounds himself with good players so they had the edge slightly. Robbie need to learn a bit more skills and things like that - I don't think he realises that you can't use your hands.

Steve: Crispian Mills was alright as well, he didn't play any football though.

Q: These feuds with everyone (A1, King Adora). Whats all that about?
Josh: A1 aren't a band so they don't count. King Adora are alright, they just slagged us off behind our backs. There's no need for us to slag off King Adora because they're not doing anything and they're about to fade off into obscurity. I'd rather slag off A1, we've slagged of A1 so much that the first question they get asked in interviews if "What's this between you and the Dum Dums?"

Steve: Just to set the record straight on King Adora though. It is mainly to do with the fact that we did build them up to start with - we gave them good single reviews in Melody Maker and the like; did a gig with them and they were really nice - then the next day we opened NME it was Dum Dums this, Dum Dums that. We were just like "you bunch of anorexic trannies".

Q: Why do you keep changing direction from indie band to pop band and vice versa and was that the reason for cancelling the Smash Hits tour?
Josh: We were never on the Smash Hits Tour. People were saying we were on it and everytime it was like, what? From the beginning we've always done what we wanted to do, its not like we have changed. We set our agenda about what we wanted to do from playing CD:UK to Nickolodean and various indie people tend to be very scepticle about that.

We've had to do it the hard way because there hasn't been that many journalist gunning on our side. Basically what we've had to go around and play are balls of to everybody we meet. Radio 1 didn't even play our last 2 singles and they still got in the charts.

Q: How do you survive the kids TV shows?
Josh: Most of the kids & breakfast TV presenters are really, really wicked. You can tell the ones that are going to be cool - Ant & Dec, Dermot Oleary - they're well into their music.....

Steve: .... Donna Air's a little bit dizzy. She asked us "who did everything originally?" when we first went on the Big Breakfast - thanks for reading the biog, love. And you know the story about her asking the Corrs how they got their name and how they got together.

Josh: All the guys on UK Play are cool. Vernon Kay doesn't seem that confident of himself, it seemed like that when we did FBI anyway. He hides behind that Britpop haircut of his!!!! But he wants to get in a band and play guitar for us. There's a guy called Vernon Kay who keeps coming on our message board and saying he loves us - I don't think its the same guy though.

Q: Looking back at the year 2000. What were the highlights?
Josh: Getting the "4 Real" front cover of Melody Maker was cool. Oh poor Manics fans, don't get upset it was a joke!!! There were people writing to Melody Maker really upset, then there was normal Manics fans writing to it saying "Why you stupid Manics fans getting upset?" - the typical Manics Fan / Melody Maker scenario.

Steve: The next album's going to be more typical of our live shows. It will still be song based but it will just be more heavier in the production.

Q: And a final word from Stuart?
Stuart: I agree with everything they just said, apart from the bit about licking poo from dogs bum holes.

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