Eagles Of Death Metal - Death By Sexy

Eagles Of Death Metal are not a heavy duty thrash rock band who cover the work of 60s legends The Eagles, although come to think of it, that's not such a bad idea. If there's a gap in the market, I say fill it. Eagles, as they'll be known from now, are a rock band which features Queen of The Stoneage's Josh Homme on drums and his wife Brody Dalle is even on the act, featuring as guest vocals. I don't think the Distillers sexy tattooed lady would have had to audition do you? Still its a good move so who am I to imply a sly spot of nepotism.

Calling their second album "Death By Sexy" suggests the band aren't taking their crafty too seriously but if you like your music hard uncomplicated, fun, playful and macho then you're in for the ride of your life my friends. "I Get A Feeling (Just Nineteen)" is sonic filth. Lyrically is borderline misogyny, but it's so comic book stylistically than even radical feminist Andrea Dworkin would see the irony although the line "I got the flesh and I will make you scream" even makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Still its undiluted dirty, scuzzy, barely legal rock'n'roll with a bass line so sinister it'll make you shudder from head to toe. The funk spirit of Prince can be heard clearly in the vocals at times with traces of glam which will have you searching for your platform boots and psychedelic flare's immediately afterwards.

"Solid Gold" is a bluesy, bar room type song with some excellent guitar work demonstrated early on during the lengthy intro. For all the obvious tomfoolery going on these guys can really play. "Keep Your Head Up" is the kind of Rolling Stones homage Primal Scream could only imagine in their primitive drug addled little minds. You want whooping and hollering? You got it dude. You want guitars so raw they'll make your fingers bleed, just by the very touch? Wish granted. Keith Richards would be proud. "Nasty Noting has that stoner kind of delivery Beck has made a career out of and guess what, this is another song about chicks. Thom Yorke must be shitting himself. Still its suitably cool and enjoyable yet just a tad throwaway with more than a passing resemblance of Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You".

"Death By Sexy" may not be a masterpiece or particularly mind blowing, but if taken in the right spirit you'll enjoy it immensely. Just don't spoil it by looking for any hidden layers. There aren't any.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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