Easyworld - Better Ways To Self Destruct

Fierce Panda have chosen to release Easyworld's mini-album "Better ways To Self Destruct" as the band are holed up in  the studio recording their debut album proper for major label Jive Records. Its perhaps a timely reminder to everyone as to why they got signed and for this journalist its amazingly the first time i've actually heard any music by the band. Countless times prior commitments have meant that i've always seemed to miss those numerous support slots around the country with their partners in crime King Adora.

"Better Ways..." is neither one of Fierce Panda's better releases nor is it an example i'd happily use of good British guitar music. Its starts promising with "Lights Out", one of those classically British indie seven inch debut singles which is perhaps where Jive Records saw the potential of the band. With a vocal reminiscent of Mark Morris and a musical backdrop of "Jack Names The Planets" ear Ash mixed with the "Wake Up Boo" ear Boo Radleys. With a fantastic bitter title and an equally as impressive three and a half minutes of vocal harmonies "U Make Me Want To Drink Bleach" is yet another album highlight.

With a major label behind them they may just be able to cross over into proper chart land but with Easyworld there is nothing original enough to make you ever love them.

Alex McCann

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