Ed Parrish - Race Against Time

With political songs being more prevalent than those with love in the title these days, it is becoming increasingly rare for them to have the desired effect of shocking, informing and making you pay attention anymore. However, this cannot be said for track 10 on this otherwise ebullient offering, from a fire-fighter from the North East. ‘Happy Christmas Mr. Blair’ blasts out a crisp, cutting and clear message from a chiming background;

“You’ve opened up a can of worms, you cannot get them back
  Just remember all our soldiers spending Christmas in Iraq
  You’re entertaining pop stars; what a bloody farce
  You can stick your f@*cking knighthood up your f@*cki8ng arse.”

This insurrection inciting rave is built up to with calming sincerity, with numbers that take off from a platform of Tim Finn and Tom Waites vocals, coupled with colourfully laid back music. Opener; ‘Come So Far’ is a comforting and swooning piece that elevates the heart and sincerity of Ed and is stripped down towards the end of the album; being reproduced as a live offering recorded on Cleveland Radio. There is also a radio interview with Ed preceding and following this song; displaying the artist’s unassuming nature in a new light.

Past single and ode to the battle against cancer undertaken by Jane Tomlinson and those like her; ‘Race Against Time’ is soothing and humbling enough to make you stop what you are doing and just ponder over life. People are suddenly starting to take note of Ed Parrish and, it is easy, from this cracker to see why.

David Adair

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