El Policia - Manchester Roadhouse - 9.8.07

Since Designer Magazine booked El Policia's first gig back in April its all gone a big mad. Regular airplay on Revolution, full page articles in the Manchester Evening News and talk of them being Manchester's next big thing. Here's what the press has had to say in the past couple of months:

"Top Teen Talent" - Manchester Evening News

"If The Aftershow weren't strictly over 18s i'd have them on in a flash. They are one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Manchester in ages, and i ought to know i've listened to hundreds of them since we started this thing." Danny McNamara - The Aftershow / Embrace

''El Policia are the rock band that Manchester's been waiting for, a band where the music matches the image and the haircuts and are prepared to make a riotous noise rather than a emo slitting Black Parade.'' - Designer Magazine

And they've got some decent songs too - gritty, energetic power-pop tunes whose punk roots are very much in the British suburbia of the 1977 second wave. - www.manchestermusic.co.uk

Manchesterís next big thing EL POLICIA, definitely ones for the future! Roadhouse

As the band play their biggest gig to date at Manchester Roadhouse, our snapper Kirsty Umback caught up with the boys for some candid shots backstage as well as the frenetic energy of the live shows, but first check out the music at www.myspace.com/elpolicia



Photos: Kirsty Umback www.kirstyumback.com

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