Electric Six - Manchester Academy 2 - 4.2.03

Electric Six are a novelty band, there's simply no getting around it. The fact that they're a novelty band in the same vein as The Bloodhound Gang, Daphne & Celeste and Shampoo is what elevates them above true novelty status and there's definitely mileage in it long after the "Danger Danger High Voltage" ring tones have served their use. Still if they're remembered for the aforementioned number 2 smash it would simply be enough.

Walking on stage suited and booted Dick Valentine and his gang of Detroit oddballs are clearly in high spirits. After last nights TV revelations all that is needed is a simple "Did you see the Michael Jackson programme last night?" for the audience to collapse in laughter. After all MJ may f**k your kids, but if you've seen the video you know damn well that Electric Six will give your gran a good seeing to. It's not the first and last mention of the Shamone "baby dangling" MoFo, but the best is saved for that other stupid white male where they "Apologize for our President?" midset.

Rocking it up harder and faster than on record we've all come to hear the single, but before that what we get is 10 carbon copies of the same formula. For other bands this would be pure disaster but when they're songs like "Gay Bar" with the refrain "I'm gonna stick something in you....at the Gay Bar" it's easy to forgive them and the classic cover of Queen's "Radio Gaga" is a future single in the making. For the next 12 months this band are going to be the most talked about, most requested band this side of the Atlantic. After that it might be time to buy a new joke book for the time being were coming along for the ride.

Alex McCann

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