Electric Soft Parade - The American Adventure

Like the Gallaghers, the McNamaras and the Hawkins. Tom and Alex White are partner in rhyme, symphonic siblings and with their band the Electric Soft Parade have released the follow up to their Mercury Music Prize nominated debut "Holes In The Wall". "The American Adventure" has the budding Brighton brothers wasting no time in recording a dazzling array of songs guaranteed to raise the standard of British guitar music. Interview and performance wise ESP concentrate solely on the music leaving debauched excess lifestyle to the bands who choose to travel down the road or rock and ruin. They may take a walk on the mild side and not bother the tabloids, but put these youngsters in a recording studio and the results speak for themselves.

"Things I've Done Before" has a wicked bass line with a bluesy slide guitar and at times could fit neatly on The Stone Roses "Second Coming" album. Forthcoming single "Lose Yr Frown" is an excellent choice as the ESP have that same same typically English charm that Blur, Athlete and The Smiths have by the bucket load. Short, snappy sizzling with heavy slabs of electric guitar with subtle use of keyboard overdubbed. "I couldn't miss you more than I don now" the lyrics flow and your heart goes out to the lad. The albums title track goes off in many different directions. One minute you're mesmerized by the dexterity of the fuzzy guitar effects, then you're taken a back by the psychedelic experimental prog rock resulting in a jamming session par excellence. The vocal arrangements take on a Bohemian Rhapsody approach while this track mutates into a trippy shuffling groove.

There isn't any padding or sloppiness about this album. "The American Adventure" may only be just over thirty five minutes long, but isn't it quality not quantity that really matters? The Electric Soft Parade have not disappointed us. They've exceed our expectations and in my opinion even bettered the sheer brilliance of "Holes In The Wall".

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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