Embrace - The Mill (Preston) - 31.8.04

With their new album "Out Of Nothing" only a week away and a single "Gravity" written by Coldplay's Chris Martin about to be a top 5 smash, Embrace's spell in the musical wilderness is over. The boys are back in town, in Preston at least (which technically is now a city) but you catch my drift. The venue is heaving with students, older fans and fresh faced teenagers resulting in an electrifying atmosphere.

The McNamara Brothers (Danny on vocals and Richard on guitars) and the rest of the band waste no time with their new songs as they confidently perform the marvellous "Ashes". A piece of anthemic emotional rock which really should have been the comeback single. Other new songs played are "Wish Them All Away" in which the Yorkshire terrier of indie smacks his lips around the mouth organ for some bluesy fun. When their latest single "Gravity" is played Embrace fans shout out Number 1 excitedly. Danny is more realistic and explains that Jo Jo will probably take the coveted top spot while their single will probably be number five. Of course the new albums title track "Out Of Nothing" receives a live airing, a song which is typically Embrace if even more ambitious and impassioned than before. Danny, while not the most prominent frontman, does engage in a bit of idle chit chat with his dedicated followers. The old classics of yore are also taken care of tonight, so if you just simply adore "All You Good Good People", "Save Me" and "Your Weakness Is None Of Your Business" then you'll no doubt be moist with fervent excitement as you become reacquainted with some mighty fine tunes from these plucky songwriters. A single off their last album, which hardly anyone bought, "Wonder" is an underrated gem of a composition.

A comeback gig which delivered the goods and teased us with a few choice cuts off their forthcoming album, which could reach the top of the album charts in my humblest of opinions

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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