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Formed in Manchester towards the end of 1997, Emergency Exit are Dan Rowlands (Guitar / Vocals), Jim Cadwalender (Bass). Joe Bushel (Guitar) and Gary Doherty (Drums).

A Manchester guitar band with new ideas is a rarity these days but Emergency Exit definitely ooze originality, for a start off their not trying to be Ian Brown!  Their music has been described by many as Punk / Rock and compared to bands such as The Buzzcocks and Radiohead but ‘never mind the Buzzcocks’ how would they describe their music?

“Each of us are into different things and the same things” explains bassist Jim Cadwalender, “we feel this gives us a unique sound and one which we are happy with.  We see ourselves in the tradition of the great British guitar bands” With their ‘British’ sound EE could take their talents straight to the top and have always expressed a positive attitude and determination to do so, whilst still concentrating on their direct audience. “ Many bands give up before they’ve started. Our determination to succeed is starting to reap benefits and we would like the music to reach as many people as possible.  An album straight in at number 1 and go from there!”(J)

The band have a definite sound, a soul and ambiance “we just set out to write a song, not really knowing where its going to go, not striving for something pre-defined.  The variation in our music is proof of this”(J) And this is also evident in the bands recordings, 3 demo CD’s have been produced over the last four years each with their own flavour and appeal but as with any guitar band live is what really maters, “ yeah, the live sound is very important, were purists in that way.  When we record there’s nothing fancy – the songs are epic to start with, we just build on that”.

EE could be described as a ‘gigging’ band, but this is they way of the Manchester Unsigned circle, “the best bands have never made it over night, they don’t become what they are that way” (J).    But it seems EE may have an advantage with backing from local press and media, “we feel we are a band that, for once, is trying to be and sound like ourselves, rather than someone else.  Most bands in Manchester seem to set out to imitate their idols or influences and fit into the popular scene.  We would rather be the shepard’s than the sheep!”   So, as leader of the pack do they plan to take on the label of ‘Manchester Music’ and follow the likes of Badly Drawn Boy and Starsailor into the Top Ten? “well ‘Manchester Music’ has become a bit of a cliché to be an Ian Brown impersonator, bit at the end of the day ‘you cant keep a good band down’ (Ian Brown 1989) Starwho?”

You can catch the band next at Band On The Wall on Tuesday 3rd July, DO IT!

Emergency Exit - Night and Day Cafe     31st May 2001

Having witnessed the band some 2 years previous, at this very venue, I was not prepared for a poor performance and, as luck would have it, this was not delivered.  Although I must say that there was a definite lack of energy and interest.  Emergency Exit’s songs have never been the issue, live or on record they always produce ball–breaking anthems and tonight was a showcase of these.  The Manchester gig scene can be a little hairy; uninterested crowds, bad PA’s and grumpy promoters, and this seem to override the bands spirits – or so it would seem.  But with an advantage of previous knowledge of EE I was able to sift out the unfed atmosphere and concentrate on the most important thing in life ‘the music’!
All four members are practised arbitrators of their instruments, each bringing their own share of power to the music; which can be anything from Punk to ambient Rock.  Songs such as ‘ Shot to the Sky’ show the character and depth of the band, where as ‘Back Down to You’ and ‘Every Single Day’ could blast the socks off any Sex Pistols fan.  So, maybe the Night and Day crowd, with their laid back attitudes and foreign beers were not the most suitable audience for a band with EE’s edge, but I sure did appreciate an injection of screaming electric guitar!

Take your own direction and check out Emergency Exit soon!

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