Emiliana Torrini; Fisherman’s Woman (31/01/05 Rough Trade)

In the whirlwind of a world in which we currently dwell, the somber and sweet voiced enchantress that is the Half Icelandic and Half Italian romantic Emiliana Torrini, facilitates you in the pursuit for some much needed reflection and meditation. The sharpness and crispness of Carina Round is mingled in with the lushness of Bjork, in order to create a mild and calming five track offering of soothingly contemplative pop music. 'Nothing Brings Me Down' is an ethereally uplifting number, as Emiliana's soft and crisp vocals journey along  peacefully with the enchantingly calming acoustic led instrumental.

The mood wanes slightly for a brief period, as the ballad about longing and love that is 'Snow' falls softly upon your ears. The highlight number on this brief forage into the mellow world of the young Miss. Torrini comes right at the end; 'Today Has Been Ok'. The compelling style utilized on this track sees this subtle songstress reassuringly whispering into the listener's ear, with the tenderness and care of a mother putting her young one to bed. The good people at Rough Trade have once again cast their net far and wide to catch a pearl for our listening pleasure.

David Adair

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