Emma Bunton - A Girl Like Me

If this album represents all that is Emma Bunton you can see why Jade from Damage is starting to play the field. I recall that famous moment on Jo Whiley when the lead singer of Gomez just stopped ripping into her over the "its not my cup of tea, but I can see why people like it" comment. It seems like the whole of the album has been made on the same ideology. While the dominating masculine figure of Mel C seems to have a degree of artistic license you get the impression that Emma herself had very little input in this product bar a few flesh pics for the camera.

Its a shame because I've always had high hopes for Ms Bunton since she covered "Baby Love" with the Spice Girls many moons ago - it summed up the fun attitude of the act and lacked any pretension of the post-Spice Girls career moves. What we get in the main with "A Girl Like Me" is the sort of adult orientated pop we've come to expect from the Corrs and Texas minus the tune factor. After the admittedly poptastic "What Took You So Long?" we dive straight into that Corrs songbook with "Take My Breath Away" which rips off "What Can I Do To Make You Love Me" so directly that it can't be long before the lawyers make calls.

Elsewhere there is a couple of lame R&B tracks in the form of "Spell It O.U.T" and "Been There, Done Out". Perhaps an attempt to hang onto the two fans who bought the last Spice Girls album. Of the two covers you'll already know "What I Am" which added little if anything to the original and likewise can be said of "Sunshine On A Rainy Day" previously sung by long forgotten Zoe. Perhaps the only Spice Girl who has stayed true to the original spirit is Geri and with her 2nd solo album out in less than a month you may be advised saving your pennies. Its looks like we'll have to wait and see if Posh can come up trumps, somehow I doubt it.

Alex McCann