Enrique - Escape

When Ricky Martin's away, Enrique comes out to play. "Escape" follows the massive hit single "Hero" and even though there's songs to shake your bom bom at and enough sultry ballads to undress you with there is still that old age Glenn Mediros factor. Latino love gods seem to have a shelf life that makes Hear'say looks like old veterans and before you know it there's someone younger and more sensual to take their place.

While Ricky Martin was last seen trying to rescue his career with American trailer park trash Christina Aguilera, Enrique enlists his alleged on-off model (sometime Tennis Player) girlfriend Anna Kornikova. Its a stroke of genius from the marketing bods, but the most unbelievable story since last sundays Simon Cowell tabloid revelations of 20 in a bed romp with lap dance babes. "Escape", all thinly veiled threats and desperate pleas with a refrain of "You can run you can hide, but you can't escape my love" making it clear that he'll be hiding in the shadows long after their affair ends. "Love To See You Cry" takes us to the wrong part of down with 24 hours in an underground S&M basement.

Elsewhere its a series of "One Night Stands" and failed relationships and in the cases of "I Will Survive" and "Love 4 Fun" really bad Eurovision rejects. For all his sexual prowess its seems that Enrique just can't find that special person except on "If The World Crashes Down" where he admits that's "you make me understand the way the perfect love should be". Likewise "Hero" cast Enrique as a hopelessly doomed romantic Don Juan who secretly longs for a meaningful relationship, yet continues to be distracted a series of flings. Of course if he ever need to seduce that special person he only ever need play the latino versions of Escape ("Escapar"), Don't Turn Of The Lights ("No Apagues La Luz") and Hero ("Heroe").

Alex McCann

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