Ernest - Late Room Manchester - 05.02.06

The Late Room is dark, and in fact a little seedy.  Ernest (mean what they say) funk it up with a generous portion of synth glow on the side

An initial aural assault flows effortlessly into a crunching guitar salvo, the likes of which always puts a smile on my face - these guys are tight!

Frontman Terry puts me in mind of Weller circa The Jam, but the music is unlike anything Iíve heard before.  These guys are playing around with more genres than I could shake a stick at, and theyíre making it look effortless.  Rock guitar, Funk bass, Hip Hop breaks and interstellar keyboards, the whole experience is dizzying.  Before I realise whatís happening, Iím grinning like an idiot.

I donít know where Ernest would fit in the present music scene, they arenít mainstream, they donít have a formula, but they do rock, or do I mean funk?  I just donít know, but I like them!

See them I tell you, theyíll blow your mind!

Words: Jon Kershaw (confused but happy).
 Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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