Fun Lovin Criminals

Its been a quite year for Huey and the guys, but while most bands are hibernating for Winter the FLC are well and truly back in our faces. With a beer Ad from Huey, the One 2 One competition winners tour and a new album in the can 2001 is gearing up to be yet another successful year. We caught up with the media whore himself backstage at the Manchester date.

Q: The new album is expected early next year. Rumours suggest its musically moving back to the sound of the debut FLC album. Is this true?
A: The second one we recorded in Winter, the first one we recorded in Spring and this one we recorded in the Spring. It makes a lot of difference - your environment, New York and shit. In Winter its like Snow and summer its mosquito's, but you can just about cope with the mosquitos.

At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Johnny Cash. Rick Rubin did this record with Johnny Cash a couple of years ago and its this really cool stuff. Willy Calone, Ray Berretto and old Salsa are my main musical influences at the moment. I like the new Outkast record but there's not a lot of good hip hop out there - its become just like professional wrestling.

Q: Is there anything else your working on at the moment?
A: We might get into scoring movies. At the moment if the record company ask us to put a song on the soundtrack and they throw us money then fine wino, but scoring it actually would be interesting. You get the piece of film, you talk with the guy who's making the movie and he says "I want it to go crazy here, mellow it out here". We have a song on our new record called "There Was A Time" that we thought would work out pretty good as a film score, but it all depends whether the movies cool too, you know - we wouldn't do it for a Sandra Bullock movie.

I like England a lot, they've showed a lot of love to our music - it doesn't happen everyday. Were working on getting a restaurant open in London, its just one of those pain in the ass things. We'd rather be in a band but the music business could be gone tomorrow - just look at Christine Aguilera. You've got to provide for your family after all.

Q: As seen as you're on the One 2 One tour. We've got to ask the cheesy question, Just who would be your One 2 One?
A: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Britney Spears. I just want to know what goes on inside that girls head. Not for sexual reasons, but there must be something almost instinctional that makes here get on stage.

Q: There's this track on the first album "Methodonia" - tell us about it?
A: This a funny story. I lived in this block on 26 Street and there's these 2 methadone either side of the avenues. So all the guys used to come by and go down, because in New York they have Tenements under the stairs, so they go down and they trade pill for liquid and liquid for pills. Spitting it into the plastic bags - its nasty shit!!!!

I would see how they come, they'd do there deal and leave. They'd come back the next day and I'd be "like what did they get into that whole day". A methadone user they probably wouldn't do dope, so what were they trying to do, just hanging out. All the possibilities are just there.

Q: Finally, tell us about the Italian remixes of the new tracks?
A: I don't know anything about it. I've heard it and I think its great but I'm surprised that someone actually went to all that trouble.

FLC tour Britain in March 2001