Family Values Tour 2001 - The Album

For the die hard metal fan into the festival scene there's certainly a lot of variety. As well as OzzFest, Donnigton and Deconstruction to choose from those willing to travel can experience Australia's Big Day Out and The Family Values Tour from the good old U.S of A, not strictly a festival but more a tour featuring contemporary rock and nu-metal acts. This is not the first time the tour has been recorded for an album release and the first couple of Family Values albums had gone platinum when released in America.

This being the 3rd compilation so far, the bands range from the well known Stone Temple Pilots to the more obscure like Deadsy. The unbelievably popular Staind donate a couple of their whining goth dirges "Fade" and the oh so serious anthem "It's Been A While". Metal rap hybrid Linkin Park liven things up with their shouty "Runaway" and "One Step Closer" featuring Aaron Lewis.  The underrated, weird and wonderful Static X who have been around for a while, yet still remain a cult band, deserve a wider audience. "Push It" and "Cold" are less commercial, but far more adventurous and vibrant than every single one of the other bands on this compilation.

Unless the Family Values Tour makes it's way over to Britain this is the only opportunity to hear these bands live within the space of one album. An enjoyable listen if rock and nu-metal float your boat. Some good bands, a few good tracks, a few average tracks depending on your own personal tastes. In other words perfect for teen rock fans the world over!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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