Fiel Garvie - "Ivuka Vuka"

Not since Baby Birds "Ugly Beautiful" album have I witnessed such revolting imagery. For the record (no pun intended) this CD cover features a half naked man licking red hot candle wax with it dripping from his tongue. Some may argue that this is great art, but I found it deeply repulsive. Its the music that counts though and in this instance you shouldn't judge an album by its cover. Fiel Garvie are a quartet and the album was recorded at Electric Eel Studio in Norfolk for Noise Box Records.

"Hold On" is a weary gothic dirge. Ame Reekie's lifeless vocals just drone monotonously on & on & on. The song goes nowhere fast and doesn't have anything remotely resembling a tune. In short it's unbearable pretentious tosh. However "A Man" is a welcome relief melodically and is considerably less angst ridden. A well crafted emotional song that's genuinely atmospheric. The electronic opening intro of "Difference Of Me" has the deep lyric of "Your shallow days - your callous ways - go swallow heart, go sell my head". These impressive and original words are somewhat hidden amongst the murky and cluttered production.

As times like a more extreme All About Eve and recalling early Siouxie and The Banshees. Dramatic - yes. Moody - most definitely. Although if I'm to be honest its a little melodramatic. "Ivuka Vuka" is one of those albums that is commonly known as an acquired taste. parts of it really do try ones patience, but it does have originality and a lot of heart. Fans of the gothic scene and moody, mis-understood teenagers will find something here, but to be frank it has limited appeal for the rest of us.

Nicholas Paul Godkin