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Welcome to the world of Fierce Girl. A world, which takes Kat Slater, Karen McDonald and Mutya from Sugababes as the ultimate icons. Lets face it, it's a whole lot more interesting than Bryan from Westlife changing his name to Brian and adding guitars to a song which sounds as if it came off either the David Sneddon or Mark Joseph album. Designer Magazine caught up with Greg and Scott Fierce to talk about McDonalds, Bad Girls, the mighty Mutya and the fact that Emma Bunton's the roughest gal in pop.

Q: Since you were Number 1 in the Designer Magazine Top 10 Chart it's all been kicking off for you guys. I believe you're doing a whistle stop tour in one day like a proper pop band.
Scott: We're playing Creamfields in Liverpool. We're opening for the Chemical Brothers. I can't believe that. I love the Chemical Brothers and my brothers like one of the biggest fans, he's been to nearly all their gigs in England and when I told him he nearly f**king cried. Goldfrapp are gonna be there and Scissor Sisters and we're on the main stage. I can't f**king believe it.... and on the same day we've got to rush to Manchester to do Pride and we're trying to get together with Homoelectric to do a club gig.

Q: So our readers know where you're coming from - "Fierce Girl are the anti-dote to all the lameness around now". Elaborate.
Scott: We're just a breathe of fresh air. We're not like a manufactured pop band, you know what I mean. We're two friends who have come together, met our manager and producer and come up with this ourselves. We've not come from a record label like all them pop bands like you see in the back of the NME for Girl Groups. Nobody's manufactured us and told us what to sing or what to say, we write all our own stuff and we get together and make our own tracks as the four of us.

All that crap - we're just an anti-dote to the lot of it, you know what I mean. It's fresh and it's different. There's nothing out there that's got 2 bloody scallies screaming and shouting about their lifeís. That's fierce.

Greg: We're just us. We're not part of a certain circle of people. We've got friends in the electroclash scene, friends in the house scene, you know what I mean. There are loads of different sides to us. What we listen to ranges from Goldfrapp to The Streets to house and stuff like Jamelia and Sugababes.

Q: So how you gonna convince the kids to stop listening to Blue and Westlife?
Scott: Everyone's listened to all that crap and it's just been pushed out, pushed out, pushed out. I think the whole music industry's gonna take a turn around now. It changed into boy bands, but you might as well 'ave just said there's been one boy band and they've just changed the people. Even people are getting sick of it now. The people that like bands like bloody Westlife are 7 and 8 year olds and as they grow up they're growing out of it and the next generation of 7/8/9 year olds get into it. That's why they stay around. But I think hopefully they'll change their minds and they'll like what we do. You've heard the single - it's madness - it's something you sit up and listen to.

Q: Just like Cleo (from infamous girl group Cleopatra) and her beau, didn't you and Greg first meet in McDonalds?
Scott: I was 16 and he was 17 and we just met then. I think Greg worked there for about a year and a half and then he left and we've just been mates ever since then. Me and Greg used to work in the kitchen it used to be terrible cos if we dropped food we just used to put it back in the bun. If someone wants a special order and like they want no pickles and you're cooking a quarter pate it takes just under 3 minutes to cook. They're screaming and shouting...there's loads of times we've dropped it on the floor and I look at Greg and he'll go Iíll just pick it up, fierce. I love McDonalds but who in their right mind would trust a 16 year old to cook their food - its dangerous, innit.

Once we left McDonalds we started working together at HMV and then we got a job together at Benetton. We've been best mates ever since then. We always aspired to form in a band and had loads of ideas, but we've never had the right people to help us get into it. When we met Carl and Eazy it was good cos then they got us into it, yer know what I mean.

Q: Why the name Fierce Girl?
Scott: We were known as Fierce Girl cos every second word with us is Fierce or Fierce Girl. People would be like 'who you with' and we'd just go Fierce Girl so we got known as that. When people used to put us down on guestlists they'd always put us down as Fierce Girl. It's quite ironic that weíre 2 gay scallies and called Fierce Girl.

Q: The ultimate Fierce Girl icon is Kat Slater innit?
Scott: Aah totally. We like Karen McDonald as well, she's Fierce. She's up there now with Kat Slater cos Kat Slater was number 1, but it's a joint number 1 for Kat Slater and Karen McDonald cos she's so fierce. When she's in there drinking her pint and she's going mad over Steve going "I'm going f**king sort him out"...that's totally fierce. She's all glammed up and got the latest New Look gear on, got tons of lip gloss on and she's off sewing up knickers in the factory - she's totally Fierce!!!

Q: Who else is in Fierce Girls world?
Scott: You know Yvonne Atkins from Bad Girls, Linda Henry. I got her autograph once. She came into where I was working and she turned round and shit the life out me. She still wears all that really dark eye make-up. I went up to her and I don't usually wear a badge, I thought I best put a badge on or she'll bash me up. She turned round and looked really angry and looked if she was gonna knock me out. She's well fierce.

Q: Tell us about "Double Drop", the first Fierce Girl release
Scott: "Double Drop" is about this girl. What happened was one weekend me and Greg had been out since Friday night and we were totally c**ted. We were in my mumís house and my mum was away. My mum leaves loads of notes everywhere - do the washing, take the stuff out the dishwasher. She's got this big A4 note of paper saying 'water the plants" so i'm out on balcony watering the plants thinking their gonna die cos its Saturday night now and we've been out since Friday night. This bird walks through the square with a white mini-skirt and white halter neck on and a white pitbull...and she's standing there smoking a fag. It was like 8 o'clock on a Saturday night so she must have been going out clubbing. We were both like 'highlights and a pitbull'.

When we came together with Carl and Eazy we were all thinking about it. "Double Drop" was different at first and then we told them about this story at the weekend and it was like this is the single - we will just write about her and her life imagining her to be this Super-Fierce girl.

Q: What other songs are set to drop from Fierce Girl?
Scott: We've got "What Makes A Girl Fierce". That's all about the girls we think are Fierce like Sugababes. We love the f**king Sugababes. We met them about 2 months ago when we went to one of their gigs. Mutya is up there with Kat Slater, she's my idol, I love the girl. When I started this there were only a couple of people I wanted to meet and Mutya was one of them. She come through after the gig and was talking to loads of people and I just pulled them all out the way and was like ' Mutya, I think you're f**king fierce'. She thought I was mad at first, then Greg came over and we were absolutely pissed and when I mean pissed we were rotten. She called over Keisha and introduced us to Keisha, Heidi was downstairs with her boyfriend, and cos we've got a bit of a song about Sugababes I rapped it. Keisha thought it was really good and got us to show it for her brother. And as we were doing that Jamelia was standing behind us.... but back to the song. "What Makes A Girl Fierce" is all about Fierce Girls that we think are Fierce. The chorus is "Kat Slater is our sister. Kat Slater is our siiiisstterrr". It just chats about girls.

Greg: We've been doing all the parties recently getting to meet people in the industry and getting them to meet us and see that we're not really an act. A lot of people think that we're f**king posh in real life for some reason. When we was at Big Gay Out, Jordan was there and they wanted us to meet Peter Andre...and it was like helloooo. He's got to be the worst person we've met so far.

Q: Didn't you meet the Bunton at some celeb bash as well?
Greg: We didn't meet her. We laughed at her when she walked past us. Her face is like she'd opened her make up box and shoved her face in it. She had foundation hanging off her eyelashes and everything. She was well rough

"Double Drop" is out 30th August on Red Flag Records
Fierce Girl play Manchester Pride on 28th August
Also catch them at Homoelectric on Friday 27th August
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