Fightstar - Manchester Academy 1 - 17.3.06

It's funny how things turn out. As Fightstar head out on the biggest headline tour to date with a critically acclaimed album behind them, his former band mate James Bourne is dumper bound will his ill-fated Son Of Dork. From that first full UK tour proper where an Academy 3 show was disappointing to say the least, everything was in place but they lacked that power and full on rock roar which was need to step out from the emo wallowing that was in vogue at the time, through to their last Manchester appearance at Academy 2 where they were outclassed by support act Linchpin.

So why do people keep coming back to watch Fightstar? Perhaps it's because for better or worse Simpson actually believes he's playing in the best band in Britain right now and each time we want to will him on to bigger and better things and gradually they've become a great live band. Tonight was something of a family affair with older Simpson, Will, opening up the tour with Brigade who have managed to progress over the years from sounding like Feeder and Placebo to something harsher and almost unrecognizable.

Next up Fightstar tour with Funeral For a Friend aligning themselves with by comparison rock veterans, but with Matt Willis on the starting line it will be interesting to see how things hot up in the battle of the ex-Busted Boys!!!

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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