Finch - Manchester Club Academy - 15.5.08
Eagerly awaited comeback kids, Finch headline Manchester's Club Academy and prove that there's life left in them yet. After a clichèd "indefinate hiatus" ("break up" in loose terms), line-up changes and problems with record labels, the passionate screamo act return to hero's welcome after nearly two years of inactivity. With one EP and two album releases under their belt and the promise of a new EP on the horizon, the band have a good amount of material to dip in to and please the hardcore, long term fans as they see fit.
Support act Envy on the Coast are a diamond in the rough in the lineup with their unique take on emo with a great deal of dynamics and sensitivity in their tunes. The ghost-noting drummer, intense, dreamy guitars and powerful vocalist make this band really stand out and although they do not communicate their intensity so well on record, the live set is unbelievably immersing and honest.
Finch take the stage and instantly establish a barrage of their signature crunchy, chugging powerchords with accentuating, emotives octaves whilst singer Nate Barcalow soars high with a half scream whilst bolting with errating bursts of energy from stage left to right and back again. During the quieter moments his voice is similar to that of Brandon Boyd of Incubus - soulful and interpid.
The band take their fans on a journey through their catalogue of releases making frequent stops at the critically acclaimed "What it is to Burn" with classic tracks such as "Grey Matter" (their opening song), "Post Script" and the title track "What it is to Burn". The highlight of the evening is the final track "Three Simple Words" with its aggressive, anthemic interlude that results in the whole room screaming back at Nate as he scrambles onto the front barrier to spend some quality time with the sweaty crowd.
 Finch's set is long, arduous and conveyed with such zeal that sometimes it's hard to watch as Nate wraps himself in mic cord, cramps up and keels to the floor, screaming all the time - but actually, that's what makes it such a great show. It's always good to know that the music that a band performs is worth as much to them as it is to the fans and with Finch this is clear cut. The boys have an uncertain future considering the numerous kinks in their career so far but it is reassuring to know that they are back on top with their live performances. Godspeed you Finch.
Words: Ben Herbert
Pics: Mark Forrer -


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