Fingathing - The Mill Preston - 21.10.05

To be brutally frank it's a disappointing turn out from Old Trafford's Fingathing. This dynamic duo have just released their new album "Time Capsule" which chronicles the first five years of their musical career so why the Mill isn't packed is a mystery.

Peter Parker has the fastest fingers in the North, scratching, mixing, adjusting the fader, attending to the beats and is a whizz on the decks making it look a lot easier than it actually is. His skills alone would make a great night out watching with mouth gaping and eyes glazed with amazement, but Fingathing isn't a one man show. Stood next to PP is Sneaky on the funkiest, coolest looking electric stand up bass we've ever witnessed. The cherry on the cake though is some freaky, imaginative, charmingly eccentric visuals which have eye popping originality screened superbly at the back of the stage for the ravin misbehavin' fans to marvel at.

Peter and Sneaky are like a less geeky and more entertaining Chemical Brothers who are much more imaginative and musically superior. It's an electric, melting pot of sound from these two cool customers with "Scrap" having a bass intro which reverberates with ease the multi-tasking Peter in control. How they effortlessly bring in a snatch of the Doctor Who theme like it's the most natural thing in the world is genius. "Big Monsters Crush Cities" is sample heavy, but never gimmicky or trite like Big Boutique supremo Fatboy Slim and his many cohorts seem to excel at. The footage of Godzilla and Japanese Sci-Fi hints at a deft sense of humour.

"Synergy & Ext" is full of hard rhythms comin' atcha like a Northern bullet with nifty drum'n'bass underlying with the tweaks and bleeps intoxicatingly hypnotic. These purveyors of sound and saviours of credible dance music are annoying themselves whilst working extremely hard to a small but devoted bunch of fans. Sneaky and Peter both do a solo spot each displaying a bit of showmanship individually as well as being the force to be reckoned with that is Fingathing. It's unusual to watch a fully formed collective without any guest vocalists or self indulgent tendencies. The duo are fine as they are with their own individual style whether it be experimental, funky, trippy, techno or ambient. You can't go wrong with a set list either which includes two of their finest tunes to date "Superhero Music" and "Walk In Space".

If you missed seeing Fingathing (and you better have a damn good reason) you can redeem yourself by catching them on their last date of their tour at their hometown gig at Sankey's Soap in Manchester.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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