Five O'Clock Heroes - Jabez Clegg - 19.10.05

The 4 piece take to the stage with a minim of fuss and notice from the crowd, but that isn't how they will leave it.

They play with an urgency that belies their intensive gigging.. It's their third Manchester appearance in 17 days, but the pace never slackens from the start

With front man Anthony Ellis they have a front man who isn't backward in coming forward, and his requests for the gap between the stage and crowd to be filled are readily compiled with.

By taking the title of a Jam song as their name, they are presumably aware that they will generate pre-concertinos for the public..  The whooping, stretched vocals of Ellis though, are more reminiscent of Kevin "Dexy's" Rowland and twin vocals of Anthony Ellis & Elliot Thomson effectively relay a series of tales focused on women, whether it be loosing, loving or hiding
from them.

Dispense 3 minute long nuggets of songs that are as infectious as  a SARS virus.  Irrespective of how each one begins each one mutes into an irritatingly catchy chorus as typified by "Stay the Night"

Shortly sporadic outbreaks of dancing ensure, and the applause increases after each song so that when they step off the stage another crowd has been won over.

Ged Camera -

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