Funeral For A Friend - Manchester Roadhouse - 14.4.03

Sweat. Welsh Sweat. Buckets full of the stuff traversing the ceiling and dropping on our heads and while it's not Nicky Wire's, it's the next best thing we could hope for. Funeral For A Friend are the best band to come out of Wales since the Manics and before you can even say Lost Prophets wipe the thoughts out of your mind because these guys piss on them from a great height.

Reasons why Funeral For A Friend are the best band since the Manics
1. They inspire love and hate in equal measure and demand it. Recently quoted as saying that Bon Jovi were the original Emo band it brings back memories of Nicky Wire being beaten in the valleys for parading round Blackwood in a Kylie T-Shirt.

2. They have songs titles such as "She Drove Me To Daytime Television" and "Kiss And Make-Up (All Bets Are Off)", but had to shorten ""You Never Know When You're Going To Need A Good Getaway Plan" because it simply was too long. The band have enough song titles and lyrics to keep them going for the next 6 years.

3. Every single Funeral For A Friend song twists and turns like Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" and still manages to have a tune that you can dance to.

4. You'd sleep with all them (even the ugly ones) because their sexy Welsh accents would get you into bed quicker than Rohypnol.

Alex McCann

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