Funeral for a Friend / Bullet for My Valentine - Manchester Academy 1 - 08.07.2005

The brazen punch packing Bullet for My Valentine was greeted with fervent repetitious chants of ‘Bullet’, prior to their stage entrance. Many a main act would have been humbled by this response, but Bullet just used this to produce extra energy for their bold support slot. A sprinkling of metalcore, emo and punk was scattered on an adoring audience, as their intensity and passion reached melting point in the biting; ‘Her Voice Resides’ and the haunting ‘Cries In Vain’. Bullet, who jolted between the sounds of Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and CKY, ignited some energetic mosh action from a satisfied crowd. The vocals of Matt Tuck were in your face, but not too threatening and helped provide a small amount of grace to the crowd’s buoyancy.

The Welsh woe wrestlers Funeral For A Friend ambled into view and it wasn’t long before I felt like a grain of sand in a long jump pit; as feet and other parts of people’s anotmy flew over me and also found a resting place upon me. Early inclusion of fan favourite ‘Rookie Of The Year’ had hearts beating like a jack hammer and souls bouncing. The pungent 'Recovery' maintained the pace and saw mosh circles form like punchbowls!.

There was poignant sit down interlude during 'History' that brought nostalgia flooding into open minds and bodies. First album favourites continue to win the largest share of the vote, during the 70 minute set that culminated with a short but sweet encore. While 'Hours' is an enthralling and interesting 2nd album, Funeral seem to be unable to shake off the ghouls of past success.  Is there enough originality left within this outfit, to produce a thoughtful 3rd long player?.

With bruises adorned on my anatomy like tattoos and a liberating soar through the air, with the aid of new found friends; "the emo kids'. I thoughouly enjoyed this gig and learned a valuable lesson; pits CAN be fun!!. With the frenetic night at an end and that familar ringing in your ears "anymore your tshirts, anymore your hoodies" the crowd spilled out in to the cool air and everyone could breath once more. Most simply in a daze......only 4 months till taste of chaos you could almost hear them think!!.

*It's bin emotional"

David Adair & Stewart Brookman
Photos: Karen McBride


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