Funeral Party - Manchester Academy 3 - 27.1.11

And so the next much hyped indie band hit Manchester on a freezing cold January night that would test endurance the of any gig loving student. In fact this could be something to do with the fact that the gig hasn’t sold out and entrance is a measly tenner on the door. Well at the least the touts aren’t making anything tonight.

The support act ‘Flashguns’ have their charms, the lead singer waves his guitar around like an enthusiastic Chesney Hawkes and the bass player has an intriguing effect on his backing vocals that give the act a ethereal gloss to their rampaging bar chords.

And so to Funeral Party who’s new album ‘The Golden Age of Knowhere’ has been likened to early noughties punk funk sound perfected by compatriots ‘The Strokes.’ And they live up to their billing, pumping out fast paced tunes hitting the crowd left right and centre as strings are less strummed more walloped. Chiming jangly guitars are complimented with a raucous rhythm section exemplified in songs such as ‘Giant’ and ‘Finale’

The obvious complaint here is that the band only have one gear and subtleties are few and far between, but there are finer points to songs such as ‘Car Wars’ which has a hint of a bass hook more akin to ‘Bombay bicycle Club,’ which suggests there is more to come from the lads from LA.

Ultimately, the catchiest are saved for last with ‘New York City Moves to the Sound of LA’ the last song pre encore while ‘Just Because’ is saved until the very end, both of which surely belong to the indie disco of 2011.

Daniel Martin

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