Gallows - Manchester Roadhouse - 2.3.07

Our geography's always been shit. Really f**king shit. But rock music always seemed it make it easier than the average GCSE exam by having that rule that all great modern rock bands should come from Wales. Lostprophets. Check. Funeral For A Friend. Check. Bullet For My Valentine. Check. Thanks to Gallows they've messed up that theory by actually coming from Hertfordshire, which we're sure is an equally interesting place as Lowestoft was to the Darkness, but this time the rock music is a very different beast with no scenester haircuts allowed and the moment a melody shows it face it gets beaten into Black metal submission.

If the Super Furry Animals broke the record for the most F**ks on a single, then Gallows will break the record for the most c*nts used in a live show. "This song is about c*nts...this song is about really nasty c*nts..this song is for anyone who's parents are divorced". The crowd cheer much to the disbelief of Gallows - you almost expected them to say this songs for c*nts who cheer about their parents being divorced.

Unlike most rock gigs the crowd isn't full of wrist slitting emo's or scenekids despite them supporting Bullet For My Valentine and although it's an all ages show most of the audience are well into their late twenties. You sense that the wait for a band like Gallows has been a long one

Although sonically their akin to Black Flag or Refused with pummelling riff, visually their like looking back at the Pistols with the almost waif like Frank Carter pogoing around the stage. A temple of tattoos who punches himself in the face throughout and baits the fans to do the same. Not since Casey Chaos and Amen has their been such a powerful rock beast willing to stand out and be counted.

Alex McCann

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