Gerald Levert - The G Spot

Welcome to the testosterone red blooded lady killer Gerald Levert. A man who not so much loves women - but eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still finds time to squeeze in a healthy portion for desert. It's his love of women of all shapes and sizes which is displayed all over his latest release "The G Spot".

Opener "Too Much Room" is gentle R&B funk flava, but lacks that all important killer hook and as a result is a little bit on the forgettable side despite a guest spot from Mystical and it's only backing vocalist Tracy Booth which saves the day with her outstanding vocals. On the other hand the albums title track is so ridiculously over the top that it could be a parody like Lenny Henry's Theopulus P Wilderbeast character. The spoken word intro could be by the Walrus of Love himself while the rest of the track is a series of grunts, groans and heavy breathing. No so much J'Taime but lovin overload.

"Oh What A Night" features Roy Ayers and has a luscious string arrangement which fans of Luther Vandross and Alexander O'Neil will appreciate. "Backbone" tells the story of a man who has been laid off at work, but feels too ashamed to tell his girlfriend. So he confides to the barman who tells him he's got a good woman who is the man's backbone - a real contemporary blues track about the unity and understanding of the bond between a man and a woman.

The G Spot is a soulful and relaxing album to listen to. It may feel just a little bit dated by having an 80s groove, but the song writing and production are excellent. Definitely best to intimate surroundings, me thinks.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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