Gerling - Headcleaner

"Headcleaner" from Gerling features some of the hippest names in music yet fails to come through on the final straight. "G-House Project" featuring Kylie Minogue which starts slow and builds in that ever so average disco way, while Kool Keith drops in for the chilled and easy going "Brother Keith On Destructor Mountain". Solex and Cornelius also appear and former single "The Deer In You" is featured but never raises it above unremarkable Evening Session indie with a melodic edge.

Fans of Belle and Sebastian or Tompaulin would love acoustic ballad "Summer Lake Rewind" which tells the tale of a drowning in a lake. Sticking to the constrictions of the genre it mixes up the sweetest melody with the melancholy implicit in the lyric, but it its an interesting compelling song.

Gerling have just toured their native county as part of the Big Day Out extravaganza in Australia and will be touring these shores in late spring. "Headcleaner" is a mix up of experimental styles with the band always prepared to buck the trend and take risks which at times makes it hard to categorize them. The problem lies in the fact that seems to be a lack of any discernible hooks or stand out tracks but give it a few listens and it does grow. There's a lot here to admire, but it doesn't always work out as planned. What often starts off as an interesting idea sadly doesn't always end up being executed in the way they first visioned.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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