Gisli - How About That?

On first hearing the deadpan delivery and transatlantic drawl of Gisli I foolishly assumed this 26 year old musician hailed from the United States Of America. I was sadly mistaken. This ex drummer is from Iceland, but lives in Norway. On hearing "How About That?" Gisli reveals himself to the be the male Bridget Jones. Self obsessed, neurotic, self doubting and insecure Gisli has swapped the psychiatrist couch for the recording studio. He's poured his life experiences with wit on these self penned songs in a kind of self therapy with music.

Title track "How About That?" has Gisli adapting that half spoken, half sung lethargic style of vocal. Gisli's sense of humour is in the same league as Ben Folds, perhaps a little cynical but honest. The fuzzy guitars add a touch of indie rock and the clever and amusing lyrics keep you interested from the outset. "The Day It All Went Wrong" must be the funniest song about bad luck i've heard in a long time. Poor old Gisli turns the mundane into an episodic tale of mishaps. This autobiographical song is a catalogue of catastrophe we can all relate to in one way or another.

The bass heavy intro of "Passing Out" contains nuggest of philosophy like the killer line "i've got an ego I can't feed". Robbie Williams take note. The musical highlight is like George Harrison on slide guitar with a chorus you'll be whistling along to for weeks on end. Jaunty beyond belief is "Mind Games" with Gisli's voice full of character. It has a simple structure but works well thanks to an active and inquisitive mix of skill and imagination.

"How About That?" has a lot of emphasis on the imperfections and decay of the modern world from the perspective of an Icelandic misanthropist with influences that range from Beck, The Beta Band and hip hop.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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