Gnarls Barkley - Manchester Apollo - 3.11.06

The Arctic Monkeys may be the band of 2007 when the Blue Peter timecapsule is dug up, but it's Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" which will go down in history as the song of the year. Apart from Jarvis Cocker who compared the band to Jamiroqai in grumpy old man style the song was embraced by hip hop heads, indie kids and even OAPs.

Surprisingly it wasnt just about that song that sat happy on the top of the charts till the band deleted it. The album took in everything from Stax soul to funkadelic (who the band owe much of their stage show to) through to pure hip hop and again spread their reach out further.

On their debut UK tour proper Kirsty Umback got in the pit to snap Cee-Lo, Dangermouse and the rest of the musical ensemble which make up the Gnarls Barkley live experience

Alex McCann
Photos: Kirsty Umback

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