Gold Blade - Manchester Academy 2 - 16.4.03

Gold Blade are a band who have witnessed the rise of Oasis, the rise and fall of the Nu-Acoustic scene and the fractured scene in Manchester 2003 encompassing the duel forces of punk and electro. And yet in nearly the decade that Gold Blade have been together there hasn't been a band come close to the adrenaline rush of the live shows.

As part of a 3 month tour tonight's show sees Gold Blade supporting the legendary US punk band The Dead Kennedy's. After years ranting that punk music is still a viable proposition in this country, it seems that John Robb has finally been vindicated. His 10 Part history of Punk was UK Play's most watched programme ever and everyone from punk pop bands such as Bowling For Soup and Good Charlotte through to The International Noise Conspiracy are representing punk music in all it's varying forms.

In 2003 Gold Blade are back on form after a couple of years in the wilderness bedding in new band members Johnny Skullknuckles and Pete G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. "Strictly Hardcore", "Black Elvis" and "Canal Street Breakdown" are rolled out like long lost friends while new single "Who Was The Killa" proves that the Blade have still got what it takes to compete with the young pups. Somewhat toned down from his usual gold suit glam rebel, John Robb, dressed all in black and still looking like an action hero brought to life is the perfect frontman and while cool as f**k Brother Jay is missed the new members bring a new rockabilly ruff to the proceedings.

They might not have the horn(s) anymore, but the Blade still rock with the best of them and while tonight they were always going to be in the shadow of the Dead Kennedy's they more than held their ground.

Alex McCann

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