Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Goldfrapp's debut album was the critically acclaimed, string laden, cinematic masterpiece "Felt Mountain". Anyone expecting "Felt Mountain" part two are in for a shock as Goldfrapp sound like a completely new band on their second album "Black Cherry" and is a brave new radical direction. If "Felt Mountain" was foreplay then "Black Cherry" is sexual fulfilment dripping with sweat, shaking with anticipation and lying down in a state of orgasmic heaven.

Both lyrically and musically Goldfrapp are taking risks pushing back the boundaries. We already know the single "Train" with it's 70s feel and Moloko-esque charm. The title track has a dreamy vocal from Alison Goldfrapp and is relaxing in a groovy psychedelic kinda way and still has the gentle ambience of the slower moment from their debut album. The instrumentation is restrained, yet lush with strings so the vocals can really take the song over. "Tube" has those weird and wonderful squelchy synth sounds I love so much and even though it sounds like a William Orbit production it was in fact self produced. Although the lyrics tend to suggest rather than describe this still ends up sounding deep down and dirty.

Much more upfront is the sexually honest "Twist". With lyrics compromising of "Put your dirty angel face between my legs and knicker legs" this get's right to the heart of the matter straight way. With it's unsettling synths and recognition to disco era Donna Summer this track has it's fair share of sighing, moaning and yelps of pleasure. If you though Prince was raunchy then listen to this, lie down and smoke a cigarette. Continuing in a glam, Joan Jett type way, "Strict Machine" has a thumping bass line, techno backing and elements of 70s funk. "Slippage" closes the album with space age synths, breathy vocals and the kind of 80s music Gary Numan made in his hey day, very special.

If Goldfrapp's tour in May has the sexual intensity of "Black Cherry" then i'll need to take a cold shower.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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