Goldie Lookin Chain - Manchester Academy 1 - 23.2.06

Whether the Big Brother effect has had any impact on Goldie Lookin Chain's career remains to be seen, but as they've never been the preserve of token indie boys like the Ordinary Boys looking around tonight audience it's hard to gauge. Rowdy lads stand by c*nts in scarves and t-shirts and a few people have come dressed to impress in leisure wear and argos chains.

The big question is the joke funny anymore? And the answer's a mixed one, it is and it isn't. Launching straight into "Shit To Me", which lampoons the likes of R Kelly and Alicia Keys, it's impossible not to laugh outright. It's also impossible to dance as every time you get into the groove you end up spitting out your pint, losing your rthym as they deliver another winning rhyming couplet. The problems come on "R&B" when it goes past being a pastiche and is becomes the sort of record that East 17 or Blazin Squad (RIP) would actually release.

Surprisingly they don't push Maggot to the fore at the new face of Goldie Lookin Chain, kinda like Kate Moss being the new face of Rimmel only where Maggot surprisingly has less drugs in his bumbag, and it's only a couple of cheers from the crowd that remind you that el Maggot was sharing a room with Michael Barrymore and George Galloway. Perhaps its the safest thing to do as people who really know GLC realise that Mystikal or Eggsy should have gone in the house as the funniest chavs in pop suddenly became the most boring band in the UK the moment the CCTV focused on them 24 hours a day.

Apart from "You're Missus Is A Nutter" much of the newer material falls by the wayside in comparison to the likes of "Rollerdisco", "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do" and the So Solid spoof "21 Ounces". It's not so much the jokes or the puns, for they still are obvious if genius observations, but musically it lacks the punch and you can tell the beats have been rushed together as the deadline loomed for the 2nd albums deadline.

Ending on "Your Mothers Got A Penis" the GLC end on a high, one last safe as f*ck, but how long can these guys last? With rumours of being dropped by their record label, who had the good grace to see if Celeb BB would have any affect on record sales - nice, could Maggot form an offshoot group ala Kenzie and Friday Hill. Will Mystikal return to the valleys to work on some magic potions? Will Adam Hussein launch an unprunounceable brand of Welsh Jihad against US Hip-Hop? Which member of GLC will go into politics following the heavyweight addition of Adam Rickett? All these burning questions we need answering, but we'd settle for a few more hits from the GLC if they wanna carry on

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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