Goldrush - Manchester MDH - 7.7.2

Oxford has brought us some great bands throughout the past few years. Radiohead, Supergrass and Ride all hail from this fine city as do tonight's support for the Flaming Lips and Bob Mould - Goldrush. Although the musical soundtrack is stereotypically Oxford - earnest and heartfelt - they display a good natured sense of humour with a backdrop of plastic fish and DIY home editing.

Goldrush are a mellow, laid back band, in fact you could say a little like Coldplay, but with the addition of a shimmering, summery appeal and a 60s influence (I.e. The Byrds) with the sort of melody Teenage Fanclub would be proud of. Images of Harold Bishop come flooding back when a young lady joins the band to play Tuba - an instrument neglected fare too often in popular music if you ask me!!!

With only a handful of singles behind them I can see that Goldrush are going to improve with experience and confidence as they have got the potential to release a fantastic debut with "Don't Bring Be Down". It's just a shame that a lot of the audience on this Sunday night are at the bar because they're missing out on a superb set which includes the current single "Same Picture" alongside album tracks such as "Wide Open Sky" and "Let you Down".

As the band leave the stage they have the good grace to dedicate their final song to headliners Flaming Lips. Good songs, Good manners, Great Sense Of Humour - you can't say that all in one sentence very often.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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