Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

With Catatonia splitting up, the Super Furries losing some of that edge and the Manic's on their last legs its great to hear that Gorky's are still providing the goods. The album "How I Long To Feel Last Summer" featured guest spots from Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and top new Welsh talent with Teflon Monkey. We caught up with Euros and Richard for a quick chat.

Q: The album "How I Long....." has got a more layered sound than before?
A: Well the last album "The Blue Trees" was more just a case of us recording live acoustically so this time we realized 48 tracks were available and decided to use them.

Q: You do seem quite an insular group. How was it getting Teflon Monkey and Norman Blake in the studio?
A: Teflon Monkey and Norman came about from us touring really. Obviously were a band so were closer than perhaps we would be in your average job, but the atmosphere is quite free really and if we need a certain guitar sound then we'll just get our friends in the studio.

Q: You've never fitted into a scene really, apart from the so called Welsh scene?
A: Even the Welsh thing wasn't a scene really - you can't really create a scene out of a country. And I'm not sure if any of those bands fitted in a scene anyway, it was all just a press myth really as any scene generally is. We feel a kinship with bands like Low who have just got a really good attitude and sometimes it is more to do with the attitude of bands rather than the music - we feel at home with anyone who hasn't sold out!!!

Q: You've survived, if that's the right word, for a good few years now. How do you still come up with ideas for songs?
A: Just a real enthusiasm to tell you the truth. Some people have the idea that were quite innocent and child-like but you only have to look at a song like "Dead-Aid" which deals with a stalker who ends up killing the victim.

Q: Each successive album you have - there's tends to be several Singles of The Week on Mark & Lard, but you never seem to make that leap into the mainstream. Have you got any ambitions left after all this time?
A: Ambition is less to do with financial gain and more to do with building on what we've got. I think its more an issue with us that we've been able to play the same venue for the past 5 years and get more people in each time we've played. I think people find it hard to fathom but to be a band who have been going for 10 years to play a tour on their own...that's an achievement for us. Its not selling millions but the fact that is its selling more than we've ever done.

Q: If you ever got to the point where you wrote the perfect song that crystallized everything you wanted to say would you give it all up?
A: I think its everything that flows really. I don't think were chasing perfection really, its more to do with a capturing a moment and capturing an the atmosphere which flowed between people when we recorded it. I think when you start to think about perfection you hibernate into the studio for 5 years and disappear up your own arse!!!

"How I Long....." is out now on Mantra

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